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What’s a Virtual Summit?

A virtual summit (aka “Telesummit” or “Online summit”) is an online event held over the course of multiple days with multiple experts talking about a specific topic, generally in an interview format.  A typical summit includes live streaming video, pre-recorded video sessions, webinars, and social media to engage and interact with the audience.

A virtual summit is the ONLY strategy in the world that:

  • Allows you to grow your audience and your mailing list fast 
  • Gets other people to introduce and endorse you to their customers and subscribers as an expert on your topic and an industry leader, resulting in new clients and connections…
  • Positions you as a mover & shaker, a go-to expert in your niche, and as the center of influence among your peers – a very special position to be in that’s not easy to achieve in any other way!
  • Helps you build affiliate relationships, collaborate with peers, and align yourself with industry leaders, instantly building your credibility and giving you an advantage in attracting clients…
  • Gives you a platform to start a movement and quickly build your own community of passionate followers and potential customers, a tribe of people who will read your posts, buy your programs, and come to your workshops!
  • Allows you to easily double or triple your fees, elevates your brand, and boosts your income, instantly elevating you over other experts in your niche!
  • Allows you to create a product without spending months creating your own content, which you can sell for years to come
  • Gives you massive visibility and gets you speaking gigs at other virtual and live events in your industry as a result of connections you make and the go-to expert positioning it gives you around your topic.
  • Allows you to make a SPLASH in your market, jump-start your business, accelerate your growth, and create the long-term “echo effect”

AND do it ALL without ever leaving your house!

Who is Milana Leshinsky?

Milana Leshinsky is a business coach and an online entrepreneur who first coined the term “Telesummit” when she hosted her 2005 Coaching Telesummit, the very first virtual event of this kind in the world. She now teaches her summit success system in her “Summits Made Simple” training and coaching program.

The Offer:

An 8-week group coaching & training “Summits Made Simple” program

A 3-day live retreat “Summit in a Weekend”

The Money:

Price Point: $1997

Commission: $600

The Launch Calendar:

October 1-7 – Promote the FREE “Big Tribe Challenge”

October 7-11 – “Big Tribe Challenge”

October 14-16 – Promote the “5 Simple Steps to a Highly Successful Virtual Summit” webinar

October 15, 16 – W