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  • Are you tired of getting lost in the sea of other experts?
  • Do you want to stand out and be seen as an influencer in your niche?
  • Are you excited about creating your own following fast?

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Hi, my name is Milana Leshinsky.

In 2005 I invented telesummit.

I held the world's very first virtual summit, which since has become the most powerful business growth strategy for many experts, leaders, and entrepreneurs in hundreds of different niche markets and industries.

Although it is the BEST way to gain momentum, grow your audience, and attract more business, many virtual summits fall flat.

In "Summits Made Simple", my brand new training and coaching program, I am going to demystify why some virtual summits are successful, while others fail. Plus, I will walk you through my step-by-step blueprint for creating a profitable game-changing summit of your own!

Virtual Summits Have Taken Over the Internet as the Fastest Way to Put Your Business "On the Map"

According to a recent survey I conducted....

10 out of 100 people have hosted their own virtual summit.

17 out of 100 people have been invited to speak at a virtual summit.

And almost 90% of people surveyed said that they attended at least one or more virtual summits in the last 12 months.

Why are virtual summits so popular? 

Because it is the ONLY strategy in the world that...

  • Allows you to grow your audience and your mailing list fast (many summit leaders grow their subscriber list by 100s or 1000s of new contacts!)
  • Gets other people to introduce and endorse you to their customers and subscribers as an expert on your topic and an industry leader, resulting in new clients and connections... 
  • Positions you as a mover & shaker, a go-to expert in your niche, and as the center of influence among your peers - a very special position to be in that's not easy to achieve in any other way! 
  • Helps you build affiliate relationships, collaborate with peers, and align yourself with industry leaders, instantly building your credibility and giving you an advantage in attracting clients...
  • Gives you a platform to start a movement and quickly build your own community of passionate followers and potential customers, a tribe of people who will read your posts, buy your programs, and come to your workshops! 
  • Allows you to easily double or triple your fees, elevates your brand, and boosts your income (regardless of how you choose to monetize your event, the "mojo" a virtual summit gives you instantly elevates you over other experts in your niche)!
  • Allows you to create a product without spending months creating your own content, which you can sell for years to come (I've been selling my own summit recordings for over ten years!)
  • Gives you massive visibility and gets you speaking gigs at other virtual and live events in your industry (some will come from the connections you make with your guest speakers, while others will come as a result of positioning you as the go-to expert on your topic) 
  • Allows you to make a splash in your market, jump-start your business, accelerate your growth, and create the long-term "echo effect" (many summit leaders experience fast growth following their event, leveraging all the publicity, relationships, and content for years after the summit is over!)

AND do it ALL without ever leaving your house!  

"I would not have been able to do it without Summits Made Simple. " I'm a grief and trauma relief specialist and my mission is to help survivors move past their history of trauma and be able to move forward and really live a life of happiness and ease. I essentially wanted to do a summit that was focused on past sexual trauma. During the course, we landed on the summit theme. My theme ended up being Breaking the Silence Summit, Healing Childhood Sexual Trauma. This was a time when the #MeToo movement was making a big impact on women's lives. I also saw this as a great business opportunity and you certainly were an encouragement for that. I was so appreciative to have that kind of support around creating that theme and moving forward into it. I really didn't know what I would start with and I knew that I needed to learn how and all the different steps that you would take to try to move through creating a summit. I had a lot of fear initially and it quickly dissipated with a lot of insight that I got through you and the Summits Made Simple program. I focused on what the goal of the summit was for me, which was about creating this community and growing my list. The feedback I got was amazing. I got so much testimonial information back that I can now use for next year's summit, and anything I really produce because they're starting to just see how that information is helping them. My advice is, if you really want to build your list, you have to put your whole heart and soul into it because it is work, but the reward far exceeds the amount of work that you put into it, because what you put into it, and if you're using the proper tools to get you through, you will get through. And we have the tools here. I would not have been able to do it without Summits Made Simple. It really helped me know what to expect and how to move through. And even when there was a challenge or an obstacle that I just wasn't sure of, there was always a solution. There was always a group, we had our community. I could reach out on your Facebook group. I got answers and I was able to follow through and have a successful summit in the end. And I was very, very proud of it. I highly recommend it. - Janine Naus, Childhood Trauma and Grief Coach 

With So Many Virtual Summits Out There, How Do You Make Yours Stand Out and Avoid Creating "Just Another Summit"?

While virtual summits can be a complete GAME-CHANGER for your business, many people approach them with the wrong mindset, which may result in disappointing results, stress, and frustration...

...And get LOST in the sea of other summits there!

Here are the two biggest misconceptions that cause some virtual summits to fall flat or fail:

MISCONCEPTION #1: Virtual summit is an interview series

Although on the outside it may seem that a virtual summit is just a series of interviews, it is only an illusion. Yes, guest experts are invited to be interviewed, but a summit is actually a training event, an idea exchange, and an opportunity to bring like-minded people together and share best practices.

In fact, the very first virtual summit - the Coaching Telesummit I held in 2005 - was created as a MASTERMIND, which I decided to open to the public for a more engaging experience. 

I saw it as an opportunity for industry experts to get to know each other and lead conversations on important topics facing the industry. It was essentially a virtual roundtable open to the audience to participate in and learn from.

When summit hosts miss this important understanding, this foundational principle of how the original virtual summit was created, they end up with "just another summit" - and that's exactly what I want to show you how to avoid!

MISCONCEPTION #2: Virtual summit is a pure list-building event

Although one of the biggest benefits and outcomes of summits is the growth of your mailing list and your audience, having that as your primary goal can lead to many problems and create disappointing results.

Many people I spoke to shared their frustration with being invited as a guest speaker on condition of having to promote the summit to their mailing list. 

There's nothing wrong in asking speakers to promote your summit, IF DONE RIGHT. But most such requests end up feeling pushy, unethical, and annoying, and result in losing potentially GREAT speakers who have a lot to bring to your event!

A virtual summit is SO much more than a list-building venture! It's your opportunity to create an extraordinary product, align yourself with go-to experts in your field, boost your credibility, and elevate your business brand above an average expert...

...And then LEVERAGE it to grow your audience and get more clients!

Creating your summit with these two misconceptions in mind can cause a lot of stress, waste a lot of time, and lack results. That's why I am excited to show you the RIGHT way to create a winning virtual event!

"I've Been Waiting for Milana to Teach Virtual Summits For a While!!"

"I've been working with Milana for over a year and found that she has this absolutely magical ability to simplify even the most complex topic!  

I just completed my “Stress-Free Mom Summit”, ended up with 4 high-end clients who signed up for my year-long program, got invited to speak on a dozen of podcast shows, and I am scheduled to talk to 25 people about collaborating or working together in another way! It was my very first virtual summit and I have already brought in over $20,000 just in the first 30 days following the summit!  

Milana's depth of knowledge in the areas of marketing and online entrepreneurship is really amazing! I learn from her every time we speak!" 

- Madeleine Davis, The Parenting System  

5 Secret Pillars for Creating an Exciting & Profitable Virtual Summit EVERYONE in Your Niche Will Be Talking About!

Get These 5 Essentials Right, and Your Event Will Stand Out Above the Rest, Attract Great Speakers, and Elevate Your Business!

PILLAR #1: Choosing a Hot Theme That Will Make Your Summit Stand Out and Shine!

Most summits that fall flat have a generic or boring theme. Picking the right theme is at least 50% of success of your virtual summit, and there's a formula for landing on the right theme that will make everything else much easier and generate much bigger results!

It sounds simple, but most people pick the wrong theme, which then makes it difficult to get speakers, to get attendees, and to experience the overall growth and the breakthrough a virtual summit can give you. 

For example, I personally get invited to be a summit speaker 10-15 times a year, and I receive dozens of invitations to attend a summit! I said yes twice this year because I know when a summit is going to be great and when it will go unnoticed.

You have an opportunity to create a summit in your niche that is game changing, that makes you stand out and shine, and that will attract all the movers & shakers to you, and all the clients you’ll ever want! You’ll have your speakers waiting for the next summit to speak at, and your attendees will be looking forward for your next summit to attend! That's what this pillar is about! 

Here's what we'll cover in this module:

  • Biggest mistakes summit hosts make when choosing a theme.
  • A special business assessment to help you uncover a "juicy" theme for your virual summit.
  • 3 reasons people sign up for virtual summits and how to use this information to nail down your theme!
  • 12 GREAT summit theme examples to get your creative juices going!
  • 4 simple formulas for naming your summit so it instantly attracts the right audience you want!
  • 6 "TEST" questions to ask about your theme to make sure your summit theme is right "on the money!"

When we nail down your theme, it’ll help you describe your mission for your summit, so you’ll be able to get great speakers much easier and get them excited about your summit. 

Not only that, you’ll have your speakers waiting for the next summit to speak at, and your attendees will be looking forward for your next summit to attend! That's what this pillar is about! 


PILLAR #2: Designing Your Summit for Success, Engagement, Unsolicited Testimonials, and Income! 

Delivering the right content in the right format, and creating just the right amount of engagement and experience for your participants, is what's going to get them attending and coming back every day! 

Here's what we'll cover in this module:

  • Starting with the end in mind and identifying the goals of your summit (your summit should be designed around your most important strategic and financial goal!)
  • Choosing the right topics for your summit's sessions that will bring more sign-ups and attendees to your event!
  • Designing engaging panel discussions that will get people raving about your summit from day 1 and leave them craving more!
  • Presenting and positioning each session in a way that builds up the perceived value of the entire event. 
  •  I’ll also teach you the 3 levels of summit: Starter Summit, Next Level Summit, and Cornerstone Summit - you can choose any of these models, depending on your goals and where you are in your business right now.  

Nobody teaches this out there, so everyone is doing the same kind of summits out there, and that’s why they run into problems. I’ll help you choose the RIGHT summit model for you.

PILLAR #3: Finding and Inviting the Right Speakers, Who Will Serve Your Audience and Eagerly Support YOU! 

Understanding how to choose and approach the right speakers is one of the biggest keys to your summit's success, and is the biggest area of mistakes I see summit leaders make.

Here's what we'll cover in this module:

  • Where to find people who are excited and open to being guest experts on your summit - absolutely FREE of charge!
  • How to reach out to guest speakers in a way that gets them to say YES.
  • Why pursuing "A" level speakers can actually hurt your summit instead of supporting it (and what to do instead!). So many people spin their wheels and spend their time and energy trying to chase A level speakers, when it should not be their focus!
  • Criteria for selecting the right speakers, who will enhance your summit efforts and raise its quality and results.
  • What to do after a guest expert expert said YES (it's critical to know how to move them forward and keep them excited about the summit!)
  • How to interview your speakers effectively and "extract" the information your audience will truly appreciate learning.
  • How to position your speakers in a way that gets them excited, appreciated, and proud to be part of your summit - so much so that they want to tell EVERYONE about it!


PILLAR #4: Profiting From Your Summit: Monetize Your Time, Efforts, and Creativity for Multiple Streams of Income!

There are many ways to monetize a virtual summit, so it's important to choose a monetization strategy that will support your overall business goals and align with your other products and services.

Here's what we'll cover in this module:

  • Different monetization strategies and choosing the one that's right for your business goals
  • 7 different ways that you can generate income from your summit -- before, during, and after. 
  • Creating an irresistible offer for your summit participants so you get new clients as a result of hosting your summit!
  • Strategically designing the summit making sure that people are ready to take the next step with you. We will reverse-engineer the ideal client experience so that their journey culminates in a natural sale, and in them obviously and naturally buying your next program or product.

...and much more!

PILLAR #5: Filling Your Summit with Attendees, Who Will Become Your Fans and Buy What You Offer Next!

If you choose the right theme, invite the right speakers, and figure out the ways you’re going to make money, the promotion of your virtual summit will happen organically and simply. But I also want you to understand how to make sure and how to ramp up the promotion so that you have the most successful summit possible!

Here's what we'll cover in this module:

  • 4 different types of summit promotions you can activate, and you can choose any number of them when you’re ready, but I am going to teach you all of them.
  • Understanding what makes guest speakers want to spread the word about your summit, and using this knowledge to motivate them to promote it to their mailing list and social media following! So many summit hosts try to get their speakers to promote the summit, but if you don’t motivate your guest speakers, they’ll feel like you’re being pushy, salesy, you’ll turn them off, which is the last thing you want .
  • I will also teach you a secret strategy that will allow you to capture 30% more summit registrations. Most summit leaders aren’t even aware that they’re missing 30% of their potential attendees, so I’ll teach you that, it’s a very simple strategy and most people miss this opportunity!  

Join My "Summits Made Simple", a 10-Week Training and Goup Coaching Program, Private Summit Leader Facebook Community, and Over $19,500 Worth of FREE Bonuses

...And I will personally walk you through designing a profitable, innovative, unique, and LIFE-CHANGING virtual summit that will transform your business FOREVER!

Total Program Value - $25,500 

Join Today at Only $1997

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Virtual Summits Have Become a "Success Launch Pad" for My Clients

"A Virtual Summit is Not Just an Event - It's Become a Cornerstone of my ENTIRE Business"

"Since I learned how to do summits from Milana back in 2006, I've done 10 summits in my business. They're absolutely a game-changer! 

I was about to lose my house and move with my family. Then I held my summit and the results were truly amazing. 

My list grew by 10,000 people, and within 4 years my summit strategy led to a $1.2MIL business. It's truly become a vehicle that has allowed multiple miracles to unfold in my business and life.

The opportunities and the income streams that can be created as a result of hosting a single virtual summit are unlike ANY other strategy I've ever seen!"

Christine Kloser, Transformational Author Summit  

"Holding a summit in my niche market exploded my professional visibility"

"The first year we had 7 pages of spontaneous testimonials. I knew we had to do it again. I also realized we could repackage everything the summit for more income streams. I am now starting a community portal web site in my niche in a way that's never been done before. It opened all kinds of doors into collaborating with people. 

Most importantly, it made me see the range of possibilities of new products this group could use and really getting clear on what my market needs. Milana, thank you for putting this program together, I wouldn't have done this without you!" 

Ariane Goodwin, smARTIST Telesummit

"Holding my first summit catapulted my coaching business into a whole new realm"

"I worked with Milana on 2 separate summits in different niche markets. As a result, they increased my income by 50% in six weeks and gave me a 5 additional clients who signed up for my 8-month coaching program within a week. 

Two other invaluable benefits from doing the summit was all the knowledge and skills I gained, and the fun I had putting it together!"  

Jo Romano, Coaching Mastery Telesummit and Lawyers Telesummit

Is it Time for You to Create & Host a Game-Changing Virtual Summit, Elevate Your Brand, and Finally Break Into the "Big Leagues"?

If you are tired of all the slow-acting marketing strategies and the daily grind of writing, blogging, posting on social media, recording videos, networking, speaking, etc. then hosting your own virtual summit is for YOU!

In addition to inventing telesummit, I spent the last 12 years running virtual and live summits and mentoring hundreds of other summit leaders, and now want to help you create a summit that will stand out above the rest and attract more business than ever!

During my brand new 10-week training and coaching program, "Summits Made Simple", I will walk you through a simple blueprint for creating, designing, and hosting your own profitable summit. 

Every week I will send you a short training video then we'll meet for a live coaching call, where I'll answer your questions and give you feedback on your summit. All calls will be recorded in case you cannot make it live, and you can even submit your questions prior to each call.

Get your questions answered, including...

  • How do speakers get paid?  
  • How do I price my summit?  
  • What's the timeline for planning and promotion?  
  • What if some speakers don't show up?  
  • How do I record my summit and send it to attendees?  
  • How many speakers should I have?  
  • What's the best way to structure the schedule?  
  • How can I turn my participants into clients after the summit?  
  • ...and MORE!

Summits are SUPER POWERFUL for breaking through the barriers of growing your business! But don't do it alone!

Join My "Summits Made Simple", a 10-Week Training and Goup Coaching Program, Private Summit Leader Facebook Community, and $19,500 Worth of FREE Bonuses!

...And I will personally walk you through designing a profitable, innovative, unique, and LIFE-CHANGING virtual summit that will transform your business FOREVER!

Total Program Value - $25,500  

Join Today at Only $1997

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"Only 1 Week Into My Summit and I Have Already Added Over 500 People to My Tiny List, Sold 80 Sets of Recordings, and Got One Paying Client!"

"I started with a list of 70 people and now have almost 600 people on my list, and it's only week one of the summit. And the effect I am experiencing is really great. People really see me as an expert now. I'm in the same league as those folks I looked up to. I also found out that I really love interviewing people.

Tonight, we had a panel discussion that was really fun, too! I love how engaged my audience was every time I went live. What was really exciting is the amount of buyers - around 16% of my attendees bought the recording package and the number ist still going up! I also already have the first buyer for my paid program without ever saying a word about it yet!  

I am really glad I decided to host a summit. I've been thinking about it for some time, and having a simple way to do it was a game-changer for me. I was so overwhelmed, but Milana's program and her teaching style made all the difference."  

Juliane Just Jacobsen, Online Marketing Summit for German Authors

FREE Bonus #1:

"Summits Simplified" Toolbox! Templates, Scripts, and Planners! ($5,000 Value)  

Complete, Ready To Go Templates And Plans For Attracting Great Speakers For Your Event... Even If No One In Your Niche Has Heard Of You!

You'll receive...

  • Scripts, page templates, and examples
  • Email examples you can customize as your own
  • Virtual summit planner to use as your guide during the planning process
  • Ready-to-use summit promotional calendar

And, a list of TOOLS you may need to host your own successful virtual summit!

Everything you need to hold your sessions, sell your program, stay in touch with people who sign up for your summit, record your videos or audios, and a platform for your summit pages.

FREE Bonus #2:

"Super Summit Mastermind"

A 90-Minute Group Coaching Session, Where You Will Receive Valuable Feedback and Guidance on Your Summit Theme, Name, and Overall Concept ($2,000 Value)

Your theme and the name of your summit are really important for the success of your event. 

With 17 years of experience in online marketing, you want my eyes and ears on your theme - you want my feedback on it! You don’t want to put a summit together, put all your time and energy into it, and not have a great theme that will get speakers excited and that will get hundreds or thousands of registrations. 

You don’t want have a theme that falls flat, which is why I am including this bonus virtual mastermind! I’ll be there for you for 90 minutes giving you feedback on your summit theme and your overall summit concept.

This is going to be a 90-minute group call, where you’ll get my feedback on your summit theme idea to make sure it’s HOT and will attract great speakers and hundreds or thousands of attendees!

You’ll also have other people on this journey giving you feedback, because it’s a mastermind and you’ll have an opportunity to get the people in the group to help you!  

FREE Bonus #3:

"Ready, Set, Summit!"

A 90-Minute Virtual Summit Walkthrough to Make Sure Nothing Falls Through The Cracks ($1,000 Value)

Near the end of the program, I will hold a virtual walkthrough session, where we’ll make sure you have everything in place and ready to run your summit. I will walk you through the summit readiness checklist and if anything is missing you’ll know right away.

We’ll make sure nothing falls through the cracks so you don’t suddenly realize in the middle of your summit that you forgot to do something or set somethin up :) Plus, I will answer any of your questions about the summit, so this is a great opportunity to make sure you're fully ready to host your game-changing event!

FREE Bonus #4:

"Summit Leader Retreat"

Live 2-Day Summit Planning Retreat ($5,000 Value)

If you love being in a room full of people all working towards the same goal, you will LOVE this 2-day in-person retreat. We will spend two days planning, designing, and implementing your virtual summit! You’ll receive guidance, ideas, and feedback as you create your summit with support from me and other summit leaders.  

  • We will connect all the dots and give you the clarity, focus, and power to create a super successful virtual summit! 
  • You will have a chance to brainstorm and be supported by other summit leaders as you plan and design your summit experience. 
  • This is a unique opportunity to focus for two days on implementing something that typically takes weeks or months – and we’ll do it together with a personal support of someone with 18 years of business experience, multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses, and half a dozen summits successfully completed! 

You will walk away from this 2-day live experience with everything you need to be “summit-ready” and host your summit with ease! And with some massive breakthroughs in your business – because that’s what happens when you’re surrounded by other like-minded entrepreneurs under a guidance of an experienced and nurturing business coach.  

FREE Bonus #5:

"Tools and Tech Training"

A Special Training with My Own Virtual Assistant to Get Your Summit Done! ($1,000 Value)

One of my top virtual assistants will reveal all the essential tools to use for hosting your summit. She’ll help you connect all the dots so you can host your summit with confidence and ease. She’ll cover the tools you need to: 

  • Interview your guest experts 
  • Set up a summit pages 
  • Sending reminders to participants 
  • Sell your summit recordings  

…and anything else you may need to hold your virtual summit. She will simplify and clarify the process so you can stay focused, clear, and confident!  

Here's Everything You Get When You Join "Summits Made Simple"... Plus FAST-ACTION Bonuses!

Total Program Value: $25,500 

Only $1997


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My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I truly believe in what I created and know that it can provide a deep transformation for you as a business owner. Join me in the Summits Made Simple and Collaboration Community today, implement all of my tools and trainings, and apply the strategies I'll share with you. If after all the learning and implementation you don't see a significant difference in your business, I will personally get on the phone with you and coach you. Of course, I am going to expect that you’ve done the work, but I’ll get on the phone and coach you. I am 100% committed to your success! 

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What My Students Love About My Programs...

Milana's a true trailblazer! She's so far ahead on seeing what's needed in the industry, evaluating what people need to move forward, making the leap possible for people who've been frustrated and confused about the direction to take in their business."

Corinne Toomey, Freelance Graphic Designer

"Milana's a brilliant teacher! She makes everything so simple, she clarifies all the mysteries! I always feel my excitement, enthusiasm and passion come back when she's teaching. She's very easy to follow in a way that makes sense!"  

Christine Kloser, Transformational Author Coach

"Milana's information is great, but her main focus is on getting it done. I've struggled with implementation before, and I finally got it done after listening to Milana" Mark Brown, Las Vegas Nevada- Gary Hopkins  

"Milana is very good at zeroing in on the core issue, so her approach is very concrete and insightful. She doesn't just give you information, she guides your thinking to come up with the solutions that will best fit you. I tend to get stuck in a lot of the details, but Milana's really good at seeing the big picture and guiding us skillfully." Linda Ross-Vega, Keller Texas  

Total Program Value with FREE Bonuses and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - $25,500

Only $1997

* To use PayPal Credit option, request a personalized link by emailing our team.

I Have Received HUNDREDS of Unsolicited Testimomonials from the People Who Have Been Attending My Virtual Summits Year After Year...

"All I can say is, "WOW!" The summit has far exceeded my expectations. I am so inspired and motivated and brimming forth with practical strategies and tools to really jump start my coaching business. There is something for the beginner and for the advanced coach. The quality of the presenters is amazing. These folks are the creme de la creme. We are learning from the best! What an honor and privilege. Thank You Milana. Thank God for you and your work so we can all go forth and help people and have a thriving business at the same time."  

Kristina Haymes 

"WOW! What a great conference! This has exceeded my wildest expectations and given a great boost in my current coaching business. I can't wait for the next conference in 2007. Words seem inadequate to describe how awesome the Fast Track teleclasses have been so far. You are truly amazing and a wonderful resource for the entire coaching community. Thank you for all you do."  

Tom Beeson

"Milana, the Summit has paid for itself, already. I can hardly wait for tomorrow. I am in the process of developing my web site and I have put everything on hold until this Summit is done. I have a funny feeling that it will look different than it would have, had I not attended the Summit. It's nice to know I am not alone out here."  

Marie O'Neill

I am enjoying every speaker. I gain or get reinforced with each one, and I have to say that you have become a role model for me. Every recording I've listened to so far has been EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Thank you for putting this together these summits, they already are a major contribution to my coaching focus."  

Mary Ann Finch Vandivier

"Your coaching summit was perhaps the single best investment I could have possibly made to kickstart a successful year and move me straight into action. Extremely well facilitated and a top roster of speakers who were very generous in sharing practical advice. A six-figure thanks!"  

- Elizabeth M Lengyel

"The summit was a wealth of information, challenges, insights, tools, and resources, and the depth of content we received. Every speaker and facilitator was full of knowledge, content, and expertise. I look forward to incorporating this learning into building my new life coaching practice."  

- Sonja Fullwood  

"I've been on a roll with all the information gleaned from the summit. I wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on the time invested, your selection of presenters and the extraordinary organization that made this event a success. My hat is off to you - you offered everyone a key to access relevant information directly from the source and the opportunity to collect what we needed as resources. That key has already opened doors for me."  

Marta D.  

"Since the summit, I created a 90-day plan, in the process of creating a web site and products for my niche markets, and sold $75K worth of coaching. I am looking forward to doing even better in the future!" 

John Wyche  

"I was so impressed! I often find that many coaching events miss the mark for me...not with your program! I am in the process of redefining my coaching practice, for a different target audience, and will use the wealth of your material as my guide! Thanks so much for all you do!"  

Sue Miess  

"I strongly recommend Milana's summit! I attended last year, and was highly impressed with the depth and richness of the information, that's easy to understand and implement right away!"

Mike Jaffe  

"I cannot thank you enough for the Summit and the Fast Track program. It has literally changed the course of my work. The clarity and excitement I feel today is a direct result of the tremendous work you have done in presenting a very focused few weeks. The resources you have shared with us from your own business life are invaluable. I have come to trust your word and your suggestions. Thank you for believing in each of us and for showing through your own work that there literally is no limit on what is possible in building a truly successful and fulfilling coaching practice."  

Louise Dunn

Are You Ready to Let the "Queen of Simplicity" Show You How to Create a Profitable and Innovative Virtual Summit That Everyone in Your Niche Will be Talking About?

Here's Everything You Get When You Join "Summits Made Simple"...

Total Program Value: $25,500

Only $1997

* To use PayPal Credit option, request a personalized link by emailing our team.

I am excited to welcome you into Summits Made Simple with my personal guarantee and a NO-RISK opportunity to give your business and income a boost this year!  

Looking forward to seeing you inside! :)  


P.S. If you have any questions about the program, or want to speak to someone on my team, please send me an email - we would love to answer any of your questions or concerns.