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This 8-week training and group coaching program will help you design a profitable, innovative, unique, and life-changing virtual summit that will transform your business FOREVER.

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My name is Milana Leshinsky and in 2005 I invented telesummit.

I had the fortune to hold the world's very first virtual summit, which since has become the most powerful business growth strategy for many experts, leaders, and entrepreneurs - in HUNDREDS of different niches.

In "Summits Made Simple", I will walk you through my step-by-step blueprint and help you create your own highly profitable, transformational summit!

I Understand I Will Receive:

"Summits Made Simple" 8-Week Live Group Coaching Program

($5,000 value)

  • Get access to the 5 weekly step-by-step training videos and learn how to create, plan, host, and monetize your summit. This blueprint includes my absolute best practices for creating a summit that will TRANSFORM your business!
  • Plus, get access to the 8 LIVE coaching calls with me personally where you will get help creating a highly successful summit, including your summit theme and topics, guest experts, powerful summit design, targeted sign-ups, and monetization strategy, and get all your questions answered on these LIVE group calls!($5,000 value)

BONUS 1: "Virtual Summit Toolbox"

($2,500 value)

  • Complete, ready-to-use templates, scripts, plans, examples, agreements, tools, and resources for getting great speakers and hosting your own successful virtual summit... even if no one in your niche has heard of you!
  • This toolbox will save you a TON of time, you'll never have to start from scratch, and will always know what to say in your invitations and marketing materials - priceless!

BONUS 2: "Summit Design Mastermind"

($1,500 value)

  • A 90-minute group coaching session, where you will receive valuable feedback and guidance on your summit theme, name, and overall concept - from Milana and other summit leaders!
  • Launch your summit with confidence! Don't work on your summit in a "vacuum" - get the help and the feedback you need from like-minded entrepreneurs & summit leaders.

BONUS 3: Private Summit Leader Facebook Community

  • Access to a unique community designed specifically for summit leaders, where you get to test your ideas and get feedback from fellow summit leaders.
  • Many of the group members already hosted their summits, so it's a great place to connect with people who have done this before and can share their experience.

Fast-Action Bonuses

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BONUS 4: "Panel Discussion Secrets Revealed"

($1,500 value)

  • How to organize, host, and use guest expert discussions to skyrocket your summit engagement! Plus, recordings of the actual panel discussions from my own summit so you can see it in action.

BONUS 5: "Summit Launch Party Secrets!"

($2,500 value)

  • How to plan, structure, and lead a pre-event session as a marketing strategy to fill your summit! Creating momentum and filling your summit with a launch party is easy - if you know how to do it!

TOTAL VALUE: $14,000

You can also choose the full payment option with no financing fee, and spread your payments over 6 months with PayPal Credit. Contact us at tech [at] to request an invoice.

Each Week We’ll Cover One of the 5 Pillars of Creating a Successful Virtual Summit:


Choose a Hot Theme That Will Make Your Summit Stand Out and Shine! Picking the right theme is at least 50% of success of your virtual summit, and there's a formula for landing on the right theme that will make everything else much easier and generate much bigger results!


Design Your Summit for Success, Engagement, Unsolicited Testimonials, and Income! Delivering the right content in the right format, and creating just the right amount of engagement and experience for your participants will get them coming back every day and create more sales!


Find and Invite the Right Speakers, Who Will Serve Your Audience and Eagerly Support YOU! Understanding how to choose and approach the right speakers is one of the biggest keys to your summit's success, and is the biggest area of mistakes summit leaders make.


Monetize Your Summit: Turn Your Time, Efforts, and Creativity into Multiple Streams of Income. There are many ways to monetize a virtual summit, so it's important to choose a monetization strategy that will support your overall business goals and align with your other products and services.


Fill Your Summit with Attendees, Who Will Become Your Fans and Buy What You Offer Next! Choosing the right theme and inviting the right speakers and topics will make the promotion of your summit happen organically and simply. But there are also other ways to light fire under your summit so you can fill it with ease and have the most successful summit possible!

We will also have 8 live group coaching calls to help you implement what you learn and put your virtual summit together! You'll have an opportunity to ask questions, get feedback, and receive coaching to confidently move forward!

My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I truly believe in what I created and know that it can provide a deep transformation for you as a business owner. Join me in the Summits Made Simple program today, implement all of my tools and training, and apply the strategies I'll share with you. If after going through the course, using my tools and resources, and implementing what I teach you’re not able to put together a virtual summit that will significantly impact your business, I will personally get on the phone with you and coach you. I am 100% committed to your success!

Virtual Summits Have Become a "Success Launch Pad" for My Clients

"A Virtual Summit is Not Just an Event - It's Become a Cornerstone of my ENTIRE Business"

"Since I learned how to do summits from Milana back in 2006, I've done 10 summits in my business. They're absolutely a game-changer!

I was about to lose my house and move with my family. Then I held my summit and the results were truly amazing.

My list grew by 10,000 people, and within 4 years my summit strategy led to a $1.2MIL business. It's truly become a vehicle that has allowed multiple miracles to unfold in my business and life.

The opportunities and the income streams that can be created as a result of hosting a single virtual summit are unlike ANY other strategy I've ever seen!"

Christine Kloser, Transformational Author Summit

"Only 1 Week Into My Summit and I Have Already Added Over 500 People to My Tiny List, Sold 80 Sets of Recordings, and Got a Paying Client!"

"I started with a list of 70 people and now have almost 600 people on my list, and it's only week one of the summit. And the effect I am experiencing is really great. People really see me as an expert now. I'm in the same league as those folks I looked up to. I also found out that I really love interviewing people.

Tonight, we had a panel discussion that was really fun, too! I love how engaged my audience was every time I went live. What was really exciting was the amount of buyers - around 16% of my attendees bought the recording package and the number is still going up! I also already have the first buyer for my paid program without ever saying a word about it yet!

I am really glad I decided to host a summit. I've been thinking about it for some time, and having a simple way to do it was a game-changer for me. I was so overwhelmed, but Milana's program and her teaching style made all the difference."

Juliane Just Jacobsen, Online Marketing Summit for German Authors

"Holding a summit in my niche market exploded my professional visibility"

"The first year we had 7 pages of spontaneous testimonials. I knew we had to do it again. I also realized we could repackage everything the summit for more income streams. I am now starting a community portal web site in my niche in a way that's never been done before.

It opened all kinds of doors into collaborating with people.

Most importantly, it made me see the range of possibilities of new products this group could use and really getting clear on what my market needs. Milana, thank you for putting this program together, I wouldn't have done this without you!"

Ariane Goodwin, smARTIST Telesummit

"Holding my first summit catapulted my coaching business into a whole new realm"

"I worked with Milana on 2 separate summits in different niche markets. As a result, they increased my income by 50% in six weeks and gave me a 5 additional clients who signed up for my 8-month coaching program within a week.

Two other invaluable benefits from doing the summit was all the knowledge and skills I gained, and the fun I had putting it together!"

Jo Romano, Coaching Mastery Telesummit and Lawyers Telesummit

"I would not have been able to do it without Summits Made Simple. "

I'm a grief and trauma relief specialist and my mission is to help survivors move past their history of trauma and be able to move forward and really live a life of happiness and ease. I wanted to do a summit that was focused on past sexual trauma.

I focused on what the goal of the summit was for me, which was about creating this community and growing my list. The feedback I got was amazing. I got so many testimonials that I can now use for next year's summit, and anything I really produce because they're starting to just see how that information is helping them.

I would not have been able to do it without Summits Made Simple. It really helped me know what to expect and how to move through. There was always a group, we had our community. I got answers and I was able to follow through and have a successful summit in the end. And I was very, very proud of it. I highly recommend it.

Janine Naus, Childhood Trauma and Grief Coach

"I've Been Waiting for Milana to Teach Virtual Summits For a While!!"

"I've been working with Milana for over a year and found that she has this absolutely magical ability to simplify even the most complex topic!

I just completed my “Stress-Free Mom Summit”, ended up with 4 high-end clients who signed up for my year-long program, got invited to speak on a dozen of podcast shows, and I am scheduled to talk to 25 people about collaborating or working together in another way! It was my very first virtual summit and I have already brought in over $20,000 just in the first 30 days following the summit!

Milana's depth of knowledge in the areas of marketing and online entrepreneurship is really amazing! I learn from her every time we speak!"

Madeleine Davis, The Parenting System

TOTAL VALUE: $14,000

You can also choose the full payment option with no financing fee, and spread your payments over 6 months with PayPal Credit. Contact us at tech [at] to request an invoice.